Dangerfield is a high street clothing brand, categorically not a high or a fast fashion one! Our collections have relatively short runs, an inclusive appeal, and are made by Suppliers with whom our parent company Factory X, has direct, strong, and long-standing relationships, in compliance with our code of conduct, and supported by a local and bilingual support team.

Following principles of ethical sourcing, animal rights, equality & diversity and a living wage for all, the brand creates styles that care about people, the planet and the future. The company provides Modern Slavery Training, Independent CSR Audits for social compliance, environmental and chemical assessments, and performance improvement plans are available for those suppliers struggling to meet the standards.

Dangerfield design and production teams are continuously improving ways of working and endeavour to make the best quality products in our price range, even if that means taking less margin to maintain the workers’ salaries or fabrication.

Our mission is to inspire people, celebrate their individuality and spread the joy, so everyone involved in creating our ranges from design to production and factory workers to fashionistas all get that feel good factor for real, and feel to care and cherish their garments for as long as possible.


We refer to the Textile Exchange Preferred Fiber & Material Matrix to select more sustainable fibres and fabrics for Factory X products.  This gives a broad comparative understanding of the impacts of fabric production, including raw materials and processing. We also take in to consideration how a fibre/fabric will perform, how it will wear and wash, if it’s possible to be recycled (as natural/synthetic blends are often hard to recycle), and if it can’t be recycled, we evaluate how it will degrade or biodegrade back in to the earth. We aim to increase the amount of more sustainable fibres we use each season.

See our Factory X Fibre Analysis for SUMMER 23 below:

*please note fibres of less than 1% have been omitted for clarity